First post toast

Hey there…

Welcome to my blog! My name’s Nicholas and I have a few thoughts worth sharing. I thought you might find them interesting…

The title of my blog, “Cat in a Tree” comes from an editorial column I authored in high school that had vast readership (if a student population of a few hundred counts as vast to a 16 year old). I was frequently disciplined for writing things that the administration deemed “unfit” for the student readership. I often wrote about them, their policies, and what I perceived as unorthodox and unnecessary measures of discipline and control.

That column was eventually censored and I was fired from the school newspaper, much to the chagrin of my friends, family, and loyal readers. But in the age of cyberspace, nothing  deleted forever. I thought it only appropriate to name my blog in homage.

And don’t worry, my radical views have only been calcified by more years of schooling. Currently, I study Communication as a PhD student at the University of South Florida. If you would like to view some of my work and take a peek at my academic identity, my scholarship and research interests, surf over to and take a gander. My profile will be back up and running shortly.

My personal interests include the Internet, Reality, Identity, Communication, Spirituality, Love and Relationships, and Live Music. Most of my posts will focus on these major themes, but who knows – it could get exciting. I could stray just a bit and find my way into uncharted territory. I do hope you’ll come along, acting as a guide when you’re familiar with a new found area of interest and a fellow traveler when your interests compel you to follow me into my own familiar space.

Either way, stick around. We all might learn something.

Glad you’re here. That’s all for now

More to come.


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